Sin Gusano

It's more than a drink

The Next Chapter... Back to Mexico

Sin Gusano was born in late 2016, when a last minute holiday to Southern Mexico turned into a new business and passion project. Over the past year we have been running a pop-up mezcaleria & taqueria in East London, UK. Our mission has been to raise the level of connoisseurship in mezcal drinking in the UK, while collaborating as much as possible with connections in Oaxaca. The name, Sin Gusano (“without worm” in English), was purposely chosen to encourage drinkers in the UK to think past an out-dated image of swallowing a worm with a “shot” of a poor quality spirit. We’re more interested in the artisanal production process and incredible range of flavour achievable from agave. We’re also happy to be a little provocative with our Mexican friends!

We stock a long list of artisanal mezcals, some personally imported from Oaxaca and totally unique to Sin Gusano within the UK. From that list we curate a weekly changing, beautifully illustrated, menu of introductory tasting flights. Our simple, and delicious tacos have been designed and cooked by a chef and friend from Oaxaca who came to London during the pop-up. An educational drinking experience accompanied by the most authentic tacos in London!

On top of the mezcal education, Sin Gusano has hosted a range of live music and art events. Most recently exhibiting the mezcal inspired, Oaxaca produced, woodprints from First Food Residency ( artist, Anne-Laure Carruth (

Some of the profits from our latest pop-up will be donated to the recovery effort following Mexico’s recent earthquake. Rather than donating via a web page, with associated risk of funds being inappropriately diverted, we will take advice from local contacts on our upcoming trip to Oaxaca.

Sin Gusano’s aim is to be a bastion of sustainable development and integration as business and cultural ties between the UK and Mexico grow. For the next step, we are talking with venues around Oaxaca and bringing our unique tasting menu and educational experience back to our spiritual home. Pop-up venue partners include; Convivio, a co-working creative space and hotelito (; El Destilado, Oaxaca’s most exciting culinary destination (; Patio Bar, a new and exciting speakeasy bar in a historic colonial building.

For more information on events coming up in both London and Oaxaca please follow our social media pages.

Salud amigos!