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Mezcal fascinates us. It's the most diverse, interesting, and ancient of distilled drinks. Tasting it provides a window into the geography and history of Mexico.

Alcohol made from 100% agave sugars has a different effect on the body and mind to other drinks. Drink it with respect and it's delicious and great fun.

The diversity and sustainability of mezcal are under threat from its current industrial boom. It's essential to educate and inspire consumers before it's too late. 


The Sin Gusano project is working for the wider understanding and preservation of artisanal agave distillates – traditionally known as “Mezcal” – as well as the sustainable development of rural, mezcal producing regions of Southern Mexico.

The project was conceived during an inspirational holiday to Southern Mexico. Blown away by the complexity of flavour found in mezcal, the skill and hard work of the artisan who makes it, the cultural significance of the maguey plant, and the general positive vibes in Mexico... Sin Gusano founder Jon left his previous job in the city of London to live in Oaxaca and investigate the world of agave distillates.

Having fallen head-over-heels for mezcal, and subsequently developed an appreciation of the issues facing the industry and the people working within it, we now understand mezcal to be far more than just another drink. Not only is it mind-blowingly delicious, and a window into the geography and society of Mexico. But, as the market for mezcal booms, it's also an important battle ground for anybody that believes cultural, biological, and culinary diversity are worth preserving in the face a global economic system that necessarily encourages large corporations, and most consumers, to act at their cost.

We're working directly with small producers in Mexico, as well as like-minded collaborators in the UK, to promote a wider understanding of the significance of what these artisans make, and what threatens them. Check out the “what we do” pages of this site as well as our blog for much more on our journey to this point, as well as what's coming next.

Much love - Sin Gusano