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BBC best mezcal of 2019

“The blending of agave has not surprisingly produced a complex result. The nose has a smooth, light scent, with not too much alcohol and a little like a meadow or a garden: fresh and flowery.”

“We'd also recommend the Sin Gusano Jabalí”

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GQ’s best mezcal on the market

“These are mezcals for people who want to be amazed and amused”

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The Evening Standard Magazine on appreciating mezcal

Frankie McCoy says to appreciate mezcal you need to school yourself, and the best place to do it is at our MAS

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Podcast interview with The Economist

What is Mezcal, sales numbers, and the future of the industry

(Skip to 17mins 30 secs & listen out for the interesting into to Jon - ha!)


Interview with Jon in About Time magazine

The Sin Gusano journey from conception to where the project goes next + some favourite drinking spots in London


Hoxton Radio Interview

Talking inspiration and drinking mezcal, live on air. We come in at 57mins 30 seconds

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The Bread Companion interviews Jon about the project

“It’s a bigger thing for me. It’s like stop shopping on Amazon and buy at your local book shop. Stop buying cheap, shit vodka and start drinking something that someone’s spent 20 years making…”


Time Out’s “Bar of the Week”

“Every penny you spend in Sin Gusano should be on mezcal – you’re getting an education thrown in as part of the bargain”.

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Multiple quotes in foodism magazine

“Darby wants to teach people about good mezcal, and focuses on buying small amounts of traditionally made mezcals at local prices, importing tiny batches.”

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Write-up in Winerist

Alex Mennie calls us London’s “mezcal embassy” in a full write-up. Cheers!

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Jon talking mezcal on Monocle radio

Talking about industry developments and tasting some mezcal on air with Markus Hippi (chapter 1)

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Mention in Pub & Bar Magazine

A nod to Sin Gusano from David Sheppard, owner of mezcal brand Corte Vetusto.

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Full bar review from the girls at Drunched

"Ready to seduce you with an outstanding selection of booze, Sin Gusano’s mezcal tasting bar has totally got your back..."

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The first place in London for Taco's and Mezcal - thanks Evening Standard!

"Where can you go to get the best of both? Firstly, swerve to Dalston, where Brunswick East is hosting a mezcal and taqueria pop-up called Sin Gusano...."

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Radio interview about the first pop-up, with founder Jon Darby.