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El Espadín T-shirt - Black


El Espadín T-shirt - Black


El Espadín is a high quality screen printed t-shirt. The original artwork is made by the artist behind the illustrations on our menus and bottles - Anne-Laure Carruth. It’s the first in a series from woodcuts made in Mexico in 2017, when Anne-Laure spent 2 months on an artist residency in Oaxaca - a place that inspired her deeply.

We sponsored this project to introduce her art to a new audience, in t-shirt form! Find more of Anne-Laure’s work here.

100% organic t-shirts ethically and sustainably produced by teemill - a leader of the circular economy.

COLOUR: Available in white, grey, and black.

SIZING: If anything the mens cut comes up a little smaller than average, and the womens a little larger than average.

NOTE: T-shirts are available for trying and buying at Sin Gusano events. Unfortunately we are not able to process any returns of online purchases.

Happy wearing!

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