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FLIGHT CLUB #2: Infusions

For healing purposes, rituals, celebrations, or just for fun, people have been experimenting with infusing extra flavours into their agave distillates long before anyone reading this came along.

This week Jon will be joined by The Cumming, owner of Dangerous Don - the worlds first commercially available coffee infused mezcal - for an in depth look at a flight of 3 infused mezcals.



- Flight Club is a small group event held on the second Wednesday of every month, each night exploring a different mezcal theme. 

- Flight Club is a ticketed event held at the Sin Gusano bar in Haggerston. The bar is open to the public every Thurs - Sat night. 

- The flights are specially curated by Jon Darby, Sin Gusano's founder, and will feature mezcals sourced by him in Mexico and rarely found in the UK. 

- Price is £35 per person and includes a unique flight of mezcal (3 x 25ml) plus an extra wild card mezcal, as well as refreshing fruits and salts.

- Cost includes menu with tasting notes and poster to take home.

- The Sin Gusano kitchen is closed during this mezcal tasting event.